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Hello folks, yes we did receive everything just fine, the box wasn't crushed or damaged in any way, and the items were perfect! Thanks so much for working to get UPS to take better care of your shipments, because we really love to shop with you guys.

All the best,


Robert & Azeneth (9/14/2011)



Hi Dwight and Benilda,
I just got my order today. Thank you so much for the fast shipping and I got the box in a great shape. Did everything come in two boxes, or just one? This box only included 1 out of 3 of the maxi-peel #1 that I ordered. Everything else was in the box though.
- Thank you again,
Kathryn Savilla (8/25/2011)








hi, yes i received my order today and thanks. i will be shopping again soon. i am glad i found your store online. thank you.






- joy lasky (8/24/2011)









I have recieved both packages, yesterday for my first order and today
for the 2nd one. Thanks for the fast transaction and everything is
great. Frozen food are not thawed at all, thanks again. I'll surely
order more stuff.



- Queenly Goins (7/26/2011)
Clarion, IA








   Yes i got the box yesterday and i am very excited i love it i miss filipino food so much i really appreciate your service.



The best thing is you got stuff that i really like that most websites dont have i will surely order again sometime. My husband love the instant palabok , its a simply instant food he said his gonna eat it again



Thank you very very much.





- Maricel Fast (7/13/2011)






Yes, everything came in just fine, UPS was pretty rough with the box again, and I expected to see some damage inside, but the great job you did of packing everything so well INSIDE the box helped everything arrive in perfect condition. Thanks again so much for your care, my wife and I love your store!

- Robert & Azeneth (6/10/2011)









Thank you for the prompt service.



Just to let you know that I have not received it today.It will probably come tomorrow.





- Hannah Timkang (6/12/2011)






Hello, thanks for providing status on this order.  I really appreciate it.






Maraming salamat po!






- Susan Weber (6/2/2011) 









It was so cool.Thank you very much, all my 6 pieces palmolive shampoo are here so me and my 3 years old are ready to use them she love that shampoo since she was one. Thank you again.



- Bhing Wanless (5/27/2011)






Hi! The order came May 13th. Everything was ok. Some got thawed but
that's alright bec I cooked them right away and plus the day was so hot
so it's hard to keep them frozen. Thanks for checking with. I'm
enjoying everything. Thanks again!.....



- Susie R. (5/24/2011)






yes it arrived 5/18 thank you. Will make more orders in the future with your store bookmarked your link!



- Don Tuinstra (5/21/2011)




Yes we did!  Thank you so much for the fast shipping and your checking in with me.  I appreciate the great customer service!!  



- Angela (5/16/2011)






 Yes I did, absolutely no problems at all.  I'll be placing another order shortly.



- Dennis Spexet (5/10/2011)






Everything is perfect and I also received the price difference for the unshipped items in cash.
Thank you,



- Nash (5/10/2011)






Yes. I received them just fine. Thanks so much!!



- Ernesto Paras Jr. (5/10/2011)






yes everything was fine and in good order.... just love the taste of the palm corned beef and eggs, have not had it since I was in HI. thank you.



- John Payne









   Just a shout out that I am so pleased with my order, it came so quick and the products were properly wrapped. I will write this entry in my blog and will post your website too so other filipinos will check your website.






Take care,



- Jessica (03/04/11)



Yes it was fast. My wife was shocked how quick it came. Thanks!



- Tim Spade (09/23/2010)






 I received the order on time. I was happy that you have the items I was looking for at a good price. I definitely will buy from you again in the future. Thanks!



-       Herman Victorino (09/23/2010)






 Yes, the order was received and in good shape. Thank You very much for the quick service.



-          Robert Leach (09/21/2010)









Have a wonderful day. Thank you very much. I receive my order yesterday afternoon. Yes, everything ok. I try to look the green jackfruit on can but out of stock. Thanks again… I ordering soon.



-          Madelyn Guillory (09/14/2010)






 Dwight & Benilda Roberts;
Yes, I received my order.  Thanks for the fast and friendly service.  I am looking forward to enjoying the snacks that remind me of my vacations in the Philippines.
I am also looking for Kraft Eden cheese and Kraft Cheez Whiz (the flavors that are not available here, such as Pimiento, Hamburger, etc.).  My 18 year-old son likes pili jam and a certain pili candy bar (I believe it is called pili marzapam).  Please do not go to any trouble or expense to find these items for me.   I only mention this in the event you have the ability to get these items, I would order some small amounts from you.



-          Tom Tracy (09/11/2010)






 I received my package and let me tell you the crackernuts are GREAT!!!
The shipping was quick and I appreciate that.  The cost of the shipping
was a little high though.  Thank you,

- Eric (5/11/2010)






 Hi! Yes, I received it this afternoon. Thank you very much. We already enjoyed the suka. Again, thank you and till next time.



-Sincerely, Colleen (05/07/2010)






 Yes we did and my girlfriend is very happy.



Thank you that’s fast service!!!  Glad I found your store!

- Mike Tumillo  04/28/2010






 Yes we did! Well done on packaging.  We're looking forward on ordering again.  thnak you.



 -Eric DeGuzman(1/17/2008)






 I just wanted to say Yes,
I thank you for such a speedy response. This is not the last time you will be hearing from me. There are other items the I needed and you will hear from me in the future. Once again thank you so very much. I am very pleased with your store and service.
God Bless you,









  Hello, Yes I did get all my items, and Thanks for the Philippines news paper my wife is enjoying it.



-Shawn Beaudion(1/21/2008)






 Everything arrived ok. Thank you for such prompt service. We appreciate it! It's hard to find Filipino food where we live and your online store has a great selection. We'll be ordering from you again. Thanks agian...












 My name is Aida Griffin.I received my order  last week from you guys and I was happy because it arrived the day you told me.This is not my last order.You'll be receiving lots of order from me. I'm just wondering if you carry an extraderm products which I really like to have.  Have a good day! Thanks.









  Everything was ok.  Thanks for the newspaper also.  Jojie really likes it.



 -Thom & Jojie Stevenson(2/9/2008)







Yup, they delivered it today. :) Thank you so much for the quick delivery! :)
Have a good one.



-Analyn&Gary Hilgard(2/19/2008)






 Kumusta po kayo,



 Thanks for sending everything, I told my friends about your store, we will continue to order from you.  Maraming salamat po,



 -Steve Baker (4/20/2008)  






 Thank you for re-sending order in so timely a manner.  The box arrived safely.



-B.L Morrison (4/19/2008)









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